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Get ready to feel bad about laughing at other people feeling bad.

NBC’s upcoming sitcom I Feel Bad sees overwhelmed mom/wife/daughter/video game designer Emit (played by Sarayu Blue) try to overcome her persistent guilty conscience. “I think it’s something that all of us really feel,” Blue tells EW. “We’re apologizing just for existing. What’s so great about this particular series is that it brings the mom storyline to the forefront. It’s Emit’s experience of just making her way through the craziness that is life, and we haven’t gotten to see that exclusively on TV before.”

Part of that craziness in the pilot is dealing with her daughter Lily’s (Lily Rose Silver) newfound love for dance. Though Emit doesn’t want to discourage Lily’s new hobby, when the routine is a little too raunchy to be age-appropriate, she has to come up with creative ways to redirect her passion.

In an exclusive clip from the very first episode, Emit’s husband, David (Paul Adelstein), is just as freaked out by his little girl’s moves as she is. Luckily, the parenting duo are in it together. “We’re united in disastrous fun,” says Blue. “To get through the ridiculous situations, they have to be a team.”

Watch the exclusive clip above, and tune in to a special preview of I Feel Bad on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 10 p.m. ET.

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